I will make in the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. Isaiah 41:18

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©2013 Connie Savageau

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Christmas Morning Joy
Mighty in My Name in this Hour
Tenderly Do I Gather My Children To Myself
My Bridal Love Perfume Spilled Out
Quickly I am Coming
Blessed Matrimony
Gratefully Yours
Righteousness in Me Prevails
The Rock of All Ages
Victory in Me
Hope Deferred
My Righteousness
Carrying On
My Papa
Being Exact
Unsurpassed Beauty
Righteousness Does Prevail
Majesty on High Revisited
Mastery of My Will
Sanctifying You Pleases Me

Daily Bread
Let the Call Ring Out
Get Ready
Remarkable, that is My Church, My Bride
Countless Times to Praise Me
Twilight Season for My Children
Dear Ones of Mine
Timely and Wise are My Ways
Righteousness Makes You Whole
My Righteousness in You Makes You Prevail
Be Conscious of Me With You
Mustering Up My Strength
Communing with My Spirit
Magnificent, Thatís You to Your Children
Intensify Your Efforts
My Life in You
The Evil One
Properly Done Sustains You
Look Up and Arise in My Goodness
Jesus Is The Way
Pleasing Me Brings the Greatest Reward
Betterment in Me is Gain
Arise, My Children
Righteousness in Me Prevails When You Come
Your Character is Vital