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Your Character is Vital

My Hope is found on nothing less than Jesus love and righteousness, the song says.
Itís pure truth!
Your hope is grounded on Me alone.
It is built on the rock, Me, Jesus Christ.
I am like none other.
My Hope and My Truth never end for My Children who love me.
They are sustained and made whole by My loving hand.
My Spirit makes it so.
My Spirit makes you fit for the Masterís use, qualifies you for sainthood and sonship is what you obtain.
My sons and daughters come now nigh to Me quickly for the time is short and needs your constant vigil to obtain My Purposes and My Perfecting.
I am able to make you whole and rise up to Glory with Me!
Make My Joy complete by saying, yes, to Me today!
Your character is vital to this process and you must be surrendered to Me to make you whole.
This is My Work!
This is My doing!
You come now this very day and allow Me to take from you all that is not from Me.
Make it your top priority to bring victory to you and My House.
Coming joins you with all the others who have said, yes, to Me to come and rest in Me.
Resting requires silencing your inner self and learning to listen to My Spirit moving in you.
Practice My Presence so to speak.
Practice learning to know My Voice over all the other voices that come to dissuade you and distract you from My Purposes and My Leading.
Come with true resolve!
I am waiting, come now!

©2014 Connie Savageau
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