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Righteousness in Me Prevails When You Come

Righteousness in Me prevails when you come with all your heart.
Itís your coming that is important to Me.
Never change that!
You keep coming and I keep coming and I keep coming to you daily supplying you with My Love, My Righteousness and My Peace.
Come, come, My Children, to Me and donít delay or think you are unworthy.
Just come.
It is that simple.
Itís importance is beyond your knowing.
Please trust Me to keep you and prepare the day ahead.
I am able to keep you, sustain you and protect you.
If you fall into sin or wrong thinking, run to Me and ask for My Forgiveness and the power to overcome your weaknesses and temptations.
I am here for you to love, restore and care for you who love Me.
Bring yourself willingly to Me to do all that you need.
I am more than enough and I love making you new!

©2013 Connie Savageau
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