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Refreshments, refreshments, refreshments, that is how My Kingdom is when you are partaking of it in abundance.
Drink deep of its refreshing water of life, itís alive and makes you whole!
Eat of the fruit of righteousness, it makes you alive in Me and full of virtue: Godly virtues of faith, hope, love, peace, patience, meekness, kindness, self-control and long suffering.
Can you imagine such a life anywhere else but in Me?
Your fruit ripens as you abide in Me.
It takes time to develop this kind of fruit, the abiding fruit.
It takes diligence and a persevering spirit to maintain this fruit upon your branches.
Carelessness makes your fruit wither and neglect causes it to fall off your branches altogether.
Spoiled fruit has no value and is useless.
It bears no reward and has no honor in Me.
My Glory is shorted in this way.
My Love is not withheld, but My flowing of the Spirit is stopped up until obedience and honor towards Me are given.
Refreshments are that, a sweet flowing of My Love and Life pouring forth in you, unfettered, and freely flowing.
Come and partake of Me for you are Mine and I desire you to come daily!

©2013 Connie Savageau
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