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Christmas Morning Joy

This Christmas Morning Joy is My favorite “Joy”.
It is the joy that hearkened the angels that night to sing and, with gladness and
great joy, announce My Son’s coming to the earth as the redeemer of the
world. My Joy that night was sealed!

Heaven watched and rejoiced as My Son, Jesus, delivered My promised
redemption from sin, sickness, Satan and death by His obedience to My Will.
Let this “Joy” resound in your hearts this day and daily bring
you joy unspeakable as you join in that heavenly chorus, “Hark, the
heralded angel sing, “Glory to the New-Born King”!

This is My Gift to you, My Children!
My Gift of Love is to a fallen world!
My gift to deliver you and set you on High!

My Gift to bring you home to Me for I have longed for you since before the foundation of the world
when I planned for you to be mine!
My Spirit bears witness to your spirit that this is so!
Rejoice! Shout it on the roof tops!

©12/24/2010, Connie Savageau from the heart of the Father through the Holy Spirit, a
note of love to His Children, His Bride, the church, who loves and long for Him.

We love you, too, Lord and proclaim and sing with your Spirit as we
shout it on the roof tops with the other Brides, that it is so!
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