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Victory in Me

No one who puts their trust in Me will ever be forsaken.
I am the true Vine and My Father is the Vinedresser.
He has given Me all authority over heaven and the earth.
Think of that, My Children, think of what that means!
Victory over darkness, sin, death and Satan!
Victory in Me tells you one thing.
It tells you that I am in control of all things.
It tells you that My Victories are won by your putting your faith in Me to do what is necessary to win the battle.
My plan is that My People, My Children, will believe Me with all their mind, strength and heart and I, in turn, reward them openly for their trust.
When you trust Me, you are telling Me that I am Lord and Master.
You spend a lot of time wondering if I hear you.
And, I look for your heart to turn towards Me in faith and trust.
These two go hand in hand and they make you victorious in all things.

2011 Connie Savageau
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