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The Rock of All Ages

Yes, Almighty God is He!
We bow down before Him.
We love and adore Him.
His name is wonderful, Jesus, our Lord.
We who are His make war and love, both upon the earth.
To some, we are the fragrance of Heaven and to those perishing the fragrance of Death.
To some, we bring the words of life and Godís truth.
To others, we bring sobering thoughts to ponder and divide.
Their minds are darkened and they live in fear and hopelessness.
They tremble at the thought of Godís Kingdom and whatís coming upon the earth.
Their hearts stop within them because they have no avenue to Godís home, Heaven.
BUT, Godís Son, Jesus Christ, the Rock of All Ages, makes a way through the wilderness and opens to man that avenue through His shed blood.
Make it your lifeís goal to seek Him and find Him.
Then, love Him with all your heart and, love, not war or darkness will, prevail in you in Him.

©2011 Connie Savageau
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