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Righteousness in Me Prevails

Righteousness in Me prevails when you are abiding in the Vine of My Dear Son, Jesus Christ.
He is your provision and provider in all things.
He makes the crooked ways straight and the hills and the valleys flat.
He makes truth to prevail and He makes truth be revealed.
He allows the enemy to think He has the victory only to outsmart him in every way as we call on Him in all things with a heart that believes on Him alone!
It is important that we delay not to turn to Him when we are frightened, grieved, depressed or attacked spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.
Do it in all circumstances and you will see Me act mightily on your behalf.
Do not be dismayed, but let Me fill you with hope, faith, joy, love, peace and victory!

2011 Connie Savageau
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