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Hope Deferred

Hope deferred was not what I planned for man.
Hope realized is what I am about.
When man sinned in the Garden, I was the center of his world.
Afterward, I was what I now call “hope deferred”.
When you sin, it puts you at odds with Me.
But when you repent, it puts My blood’s atonement on you.
Make it your goal to sin no more.
Make it your goal to turn to Me when you do.
I will make all the differences when you humbly come to Me for restoration.
I am your savior when you call out to Me for forgiveness.
I am able to forgive you and keep you from falling back in sin again.
What “hope deferred" means is that the truth and power of My Word, Jesus Christ, changes you to “hope realized” and you are set free.
Rejoice you sinners made Holy!

©2011 Connie Savageau
%0ARejoice you sinners made Holy!
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