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Properly Done Sustains You

You must properly do My Work for Me out of a grateful heart and pure motives.
You desire to please Me and you will see great results!
Anything less will make you stiff, rigid and ineffective.

Pleasing Me, think of it, pleasing the one that you love day and night and
flowing in the current of My Spirit, that mighty river within you of Myself.
You bubble over with it when you come seeking Me and allowing Me to lead you.

It is a fountain of life and joy to you and others who are touched by it through you.
Properly done means you are Mine and one who focuses on Me alone for your sustenance.
You are sustained and will always be sustained by Me when you are walking with Me.

Holiness is what you reap from Me and hope is always there to keep you moving ever closer to Me.
I am more than enough, more than able to keep you.

2013 Connie Savageau
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