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The Evil One

The Evil One makes trouble for the saints and he thinks that he is getting away with it when he does.
No, he is only preparing you for greater victories to come!
Leave to Me, your Maker and Planner of your days, the things that are to come for you to do.
Which do you choose?
My way or yours?
I make it a necessary thing that you choose Me each day.
Each day will take care of itself, yes, but you have to choose which direction you will go.
Mine or your own!
Starting your day with Me in sweet accord is your pathway to Me and one for which you must tread
daily and consistently to have Me.
You start your day this way and the enemy’s plans are thwarted.
You begin it without Me and it leaves a door for him to enter.
Choose Me!

©2013 Connie Savageau
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