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"Witchcraft makes you wise, it makes you strong and all knowing," some say, but it is a lie.
It makes you unwise and stupid in your thinking because it is made from the darkness of evil and evil conniving.
Witchcraft means you partner with the evil one to get what you were ordained to receive from Me!
You get much more than you bargained for when you open yourself up to such a one.
He takes over your life and steals your identity.
He is a lair, thief and murderer.
Your soul no longer feels Me or the hope in their creator that My Father placed in you.
You are a frightened, fearful people who live in a prison of the evil one.
Look up, I say, and allow not the enemy of your soul to condemn you, trick you or allow his lies to penetrate your being.
Bring light into the darkness by calling on Me always.
I can deliver such a one when they do!
Yes, there is victory in Me, Jesus!

2013 Connie Savageau
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