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Pleasing Me Brings the Greatest Reward

Pleasing Me is your greatest aim.
Pleasing Me when it is not easy or convenient is what brings you the greatest reward.
Pleasing Me means dying to self and living to God.
Dying to self is accomplished by seeking Me out to know My Will over yours.
Not knowing what My Heart is brings calamity in one’s life who desires to follow Me.
Teaching you My Ways takes time and effort on your part.
It takes diligence and a longing to know Me that supersedes any other longing.
I become your “First Love” and you grow according to what you choose, Me or the world!
If you choose to have that kind of relationship with Me, then your life becomes sweet, prosperous and overflowing with My Grace.
If you become like a little child, I become your proud parent, cherishing our times together, boasting in My Kingdom of your love and faithfulness.
When you please Me, all of Heaven and Earth are at your disposal!
When you please Me, your bring tears to My Eyes of love and joy!
It is a relationship I covet with My Children who choose to walk with Me.
How can I tell you of My Love and flow through you if you do not come!

©2013 Connie Savageau
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