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The expression wishy-washy is used to explain what a person does who is not focused on what is truth.
If you see the way you should go, then go that way.
Donít repeatedly make the mistake or assumption that you cannot decipher the truth.
You can by asking Me to reaffirm that truth.
Then ask Me for My grace and power to walk in that truth!
If you waver from this truth, ask Me to forgive you and begin again to persevere in doing ďMy WillĒ.
Doing My Will is your primary concern.
Pleasing Me above yourself or others is what My disciples must be doing.
You canít persevere when you are double-minded: Living to please the carnal life and not living to mature in your spirit.
Instead of fruit being produced, Godly fruit, darkness and deceit is produced.
You canít afford to go that way.
You canít afford to be double-minded or backsliding.
It is a grave state of rebellion when you do!
Please donít misunderstand what I am saying to you.
You canít have the abundant life with Me when your carnal man is in control.
Your life will be darkened by it and fruitless.
Please come with all your heart and walk with Me, do My will and be fishers of men!

©2013 Connie Savageau
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