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Betterment in Me is Gain

Betterment is gain!
When you choose to follow Me and learn of Me, your gain is eternal!
Watch and see for yourself that this is so.
When you come to Me and lack understanding, will I turn My Knowledge from you when you ask Me for wisdom.
No, the opposite takes place.
You ask and you will receive.
You ask and I will answer you according to My Will.
If you permit Me to work in your life, great things for My Kingdom take place.
You, in turn, become My Vessel, fit for the Masterís use!
It is that easy.
You ask and I give you My understanding and purposes and we make a sweet partnership together on this earth.
Try Me.
See for yourself if I wonít bless you abundantly each time you come to Me!

©2013 Connie Savageau
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