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Daily Bread

Daily Bread is the living substance that sustains you each day from union with Me.
You can either accept it or reject it.
It painfully seems like this is impossible, and, to the carnal mind, it is.
It makes you rely on Me for your daily existence.
It is food for your spirit man as well as your soul man.
It makes you profitable in your thinking and keeps you ever fresh and abounding in My Love.
It keeps you from thinking and doing things that seems right in your own understanding.
You become directed by My Hand and empowered by My Spirit to walk with Me and do My Work.
Daily Bread is a necessary food that enables you to do what earthly man, who is operating in the carnal, cannot do.
It is wisdom, power, favor with Me and union with Me that the worldly wise does not possess.
Keep coming to Me, My Children.
I love you and have fashioned you to walk with Me and be fed abundantly with Myself.
By this we are “One”!

©2011 Connie Savageau
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