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Let the Call Ring Out

Let the call ring out for My Justice and My Mercy!
Let all the earth know the power of My Hands to keep it from harm!
If you call on Me with all your heart, I will listen and act!
My acting is tied to your repeatedly coming to Me for My Righteousness to prevail.
My Righteousness goes out when My People, My Children, make it their goal to follow Me and obey Me.
They desire to know My Heart and please Me daily with their love and devotion to Me alone.
It is not enough to just talk about doing it, you must do it daily and with a full surrender of self to Me.
You prevail to do My Will when you give yourself wholly to Me.
Let the call go out to My People this day to begin in earnest to seek Me out and cry to Me for both My Mercy to be sent to the earth and My Justice to prevail over the darkness and evil of this present age.
My comfort is My Children who listen and then do as I say.
It will profit you much now and in the coming age to do what I command of you this day.
Prevail! Prevail!

2011 Connie Savageau
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