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Restoration comes through prayer and fasting!
Fasting from evil thoughts, negative thoughts and knowing who your God is!
Fasting can bring life or death, depending on the outcome of your faith.
You understand this when you do it properly.
To do it properly, you must pray to Me alone and worship Me above all else.
You fast to become strong in Me.
My Countenance begins to shine upon you and the power of union with Me is far greater than before.
You open up the gates of the airways between us that is necessary to bring you victory through Me.
The victory you are travailing for is made known in the courts of My Father and His Will is added to your request.
If you are to have victory, He must bring it forth through your cries and adoration.
Your persistence and faith will bring you mercy and justice brings restoration!

2011 Connie Savageau
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