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Communing with My Spirit

When you are conscious of Me, My Daughter and My Children, you come into the realm of My Spirit.
Your spirit is communing directly with My Spirit.
It is then that it can soar with Me.
It is joined up with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in sweet communion.
You lack for nothing.
It is impossible to not have faith, truth and love abiding in you.
You speak of My Love with the flow of the Spirit and others can see it and be blessed by it.
When you speak of Me, others will listen for they will know that I am speaking through you.
What a gift!
What an advantage you now have in the spirit realm to be My Ambassadors to speak on My behalf and accomplish My Work.
Continue to come and be conscious of My leading and perfecting you in wholeness when you do.
You become whole and you help others to be made whole as well.
It is a perfect union.
You become like Me and give others the encouragement to do the same.
This union brings life and enters you into that oneness with Me that you desire.
I am at the door and knocking.
If any man hears My Voice and answers Me when I knock, I will come into him to newness of life.
My newness of life is sweet and beyond measure.
As you unite with the power that is in you, it multiplies and produces all manner of fruit.
Being conscious of Me is your life-line to victory.
Your hope and life are joined to Me and My Love pours through you to bless you and others.
Now, thatís true victory!
Thatís true living!
Come, prevail, and be made whole!

©2013 Connie Savageau
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