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Magnificent, Thatís You to Your Children

Oh, Daddy, Jesus, Holy Spirit you made it possible for us to be made one with you in the Spirit!
We count it all lost to have you near and to walk intimately and humbly with our God.
You make each day a day to remember.
We look forward to each new day, you give, to be with you.
Words cannot express or say what we want to say to you.
We love you, Lord, we cherish and adore you!
Our hearts are alive with your love and truth and fullest of joy is our reward!
You give us this joy as your gift to each one who finds this place in you.
It is an exclusive place that comes as a result of true love for you alone!
It makes so much sense to come to worship you and fellowship with our God, for are we not going to
do so for eternity!
Our eternity starts now when we do!

©2013 Connie Savageau
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