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Mustering Up My Strength

When you muster up My Strength in your spirit-man, it enables you to turn the enemy’s plans around and defeat them.
He cannot see or know everything that takes place in your spirit-man, your inner being, this I forbid.
He only has access to your mind, personality and emotions.
He makes one think that he is not real.
He makes one think that he but a notion.
I am the One who is real, he is not.
He is a liar and a murderer and you must be diligent to swart him at every turn.
Call on Me when he comes to hinder you with lies, fear and doubts.
Come give it to Me!
I will take it and together we will defeat him.
Let us not grow weary as we stand for Righteousness.
We do this work together that is how I planned it.
Be of good courage.
Rejoice with Me to do this work!

©2013 Connie Savageau
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