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Unsurpassed love, unsurpassed beauty, that is what I have to offer you and all My Children who love Me.
You get in the way, sometimes, My Children, because you think yourselves arrogant for thinking that I love and care for you so much that I long for your love and fellowship with Me.
I do long for you to come and be satisfied with My love.
I long to have you treasure Me like none other.
You see your shortcomings, but I donít.
They donít interfere with My love for you only My being able to purify you.
Itís your shortcomings that need to be purified, not you.
There is the difference.
The carnal needs to die and the spirit-man needs My infilling Spirit.
We become one in spirit and My Spirit makes you alive in Me.
Rejoice, for I desire to move greatly in you!

©2011 Connie Savageau
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