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My Papa

Oh, My Papa, to me He is so wonderful.
Oh, My Papa, to me He is so grand.
My love for Him is almost beyond words.
Your children love you so much and want to express it, not by words, but by heart actions!
We love you, Precious One, and call you the “Precious One” because you have our heart.
You are the avenue of all love and truth.
You speak and all of Heaven listens.
You speak and all of earth awaits your words for you are faithful, gracious, loving, full of truth, holiness, purity and love!
You set our hearts to dancing as we flow in the Spirit with you.
You make “heaven on earth” for your children.
Soon we will be home with you in Heaven rejoicing for eternity over you, Papa, and your Beloved Son and Holy Spirit.
We look for you each day and the longing grows ever deeper and more endearing.
Come quickly for the wait is almost unbearable!
Love, your Child…

©2011 Connie Savageau
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