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Unintentional means you do something that was never planned or intended.
You think that I act harshly when you seem to fail Me in your eyes.
I am not a harsh, uncaring taskmaster.
I am instead a loving father who is always attentive!
You see, I cannot help but notice, that when My Children are loving Me and longing for Me they cannot go wrong.
My Spirit within them aligns with their spirit to bring them back quickly from their error or bad choice.
I am like a “mother hen” who watches over her chicks with much love and care.
I brood over them tenderly and jealously for I am lovesick until the necessary repair is made in the saddened child and restoration made.
You think of Me as a firm judge, but like a loving, earthly parent, I, too, cannot wait to have My Child renewed, healed, whole and back to loving and longing for Me again!

©2011 Connie Savageau
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