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Unforgettable that’s you Lord!
Unforgettable is every way!
The earth if full of your wonder and glory!
All of heaven looks with awe on your workmanship and rejoices!
You are mighty in stature, and, as the psalmist, prophets, apostles and disciples declared, you are gracious, compassionate and full of love abounding!
You are quick to forgive, slow to anger and steadfast in your love!
You are the Bridegroom that is preparing His Bride, that is in love with Him and has cooperated in every way, to make herself ready!
She is passionate in her deeds and expressions of love for Him alone.
She desires to know Him intimately and is one who thinks about her Beloved with earnestness wanting Him to purify her with His Spirit unto holiness as He is holy.
She follows hard after Him and with longing to please Him above all others.
Only His love will do!
He’s “unforgettable”!

©2011 Connie Savageau
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