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The tiniest degree of faith is all it takes to move My Heart!
My heart knows no boundaries.
It can scale any wall and bring down any kingdom that does not honor Me if I wish.
It changes not.
It brings you life to turn to Me and call out My Name in faith.
Faith means that I will do something about it!
You want to be great in My Kingdom and do My Work, then believe!
Do not doubt in your heart because it puts a wall of separation between us and you cannot feel My Presence and care when you do.
It is a very dangerous place to be when you allow the tiniest place for doubt.
It traces back to the Fall of Adam and Eve.
They did what was “right in their sight” and doubt created the pattern to be deceived.
It takes “faith” to move a mountain!
It takes faith in Me!
Call on Me for all your needs, your weaknesses and your sins to be forgiven.
I will come and heal, care for your wounds like a loving mother and forgive your sins when you come.
Believe on Me and all is well!

©2011 Connie Savageau
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