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It pleases Me to sanctify you by your submission to Me in godly sorrow and contrition.
Perhaps you think of Me as some ogre that tempts you to sin and then scolds and punishes you when you are so weak when tested.
I am your Heavenly Father.
The One who created you for great things.
You are My Handiwork, My Workmanship, My Children, whom I dearly love.
You make Me happy by the mere thought of you.
You bring delight to the heart of your Father when you submit in love to Me, expecting Me to act on your behalf.
I will do so when you totally surrender all to Me, even yourselves, for that is what I am.
I am the Great Healer, the Great Deliverer, who created you for Myself.
You are mine and very precious and valuable to Me.
I am all you will ever need.
I am the Hope of all the ages and the One who seeks you out for Glory with Me.
My Life in you sets you apart for Me alone and for kingdom life with Me.

2011 Connie Savageau
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