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Tenderly Do I Gather My Children To Myself

Tenderly do I gather My Children to Myself.
I gather them and arouse them to come to Me.
Tenderly do I do this work of redeeming, purifying and sanctifying them.
My heart is longing for the day when the saints are gathered up from the four corners of the earth to come and sit at My Table.
Yes, let the Wedding Feast begin!
Let them rejoice with Me and sing songs of joy and passionate love for Me alone.
Let all who are gathered to Me worship their Lord with the Bridal love that I bestow on them.
Let them rejoice in their new robes of righteousness and crowns of authority.
They shall be priests in My Kingdom and rule and reign with Me.
They shall sit on thrones that I have ordained for them.
They shall bring great honor to Me and I shall share My Glory with them.
Can you see I desire that there be no delay in bringing this to pass?
Come now!

2011 Connie Savageau
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