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My Bridal Love Perfume Spilled Out

I call them the alabaster boxes of surrender. They are spilled out when My Children give everything to Me out of love for Me.
These boxes open because they cannot hold any longer what is inside. My gift to you is My Love, your gift to Me is You!
I receive what your heart is longing for, Me! I receive it and I cherish it. It becomes the bond that unites us.
When these are opened in the Heavens, all of Heaven weeps for joy. When they are opened on the earth and spilled out, the earth rejoices!
Come now into My Presence with the longing in your heart that you have for Me and you will be sustained. Your life will never be the same when you come to Me this way.
Know that when My Children are desiring Me above all else, it releases a perfume of love from My Heart that sweetens the earth and it brings My Life upon it in greater measure.
It is a Bridal Love perfume to My Bride that you release! Rejoice in your Bridegroom, My Bride, forevermore!

2011 Connie Savageau
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