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Jesus Is The Way

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except by way of Me, Jesus, Your Lord and Savior.
Help comes from Me and all else is foolishness.
Your help and care are in My Hands.
Your ways and your days are planned out by Me, Your Lord and Savior.
Make each day a day spent with Me.
Make each day an event.
Donít wake up depressed and wayward before the day even starts.
Make Me the center of your day.
Say, ďIím going to wake up and have a new day with My Best Friend, My Lord and Savior.
I canít wait to greet Him and meet with Him today.
I know He feels the same way.Ē
Donít believe the enemies lies that I canít meet your needs, that I am unaware of your trials and strains.
I am waiting for you to come and invite Me into fellowship with you.
If you donít come, then I am left waiting until you tell Me when.
When you come, I come.
When you come crying out to Me and show your heart to Me, then I can enter in and mingle with your spirit.
Together we enjoy sweet fellowship and a flow of My Spirit within you.

©2013 Connie Savageau
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