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Unsurpassed Beauty

Unsurpassed beauty is what I give My Children who come to Me with all their heart seeking purity, holiness and sanctification.
These ones want to know Me intimately. They want to have Me more than life!
They tell Me daily of their love for Me and their longing to be with Me now and for eternity.
I share My love with them and they with Me.
What if I tell you that not everyone who seeks Me with wrong motives will find Me.
What if I tell you that selfishness to want to have things from Me to satisfy self and worldly ambitions will not bring you into the unsurpassed beauty and love I desire to give you.
You get these only as you surrender yourself daily in love and longing to be mine alone.
Come now with your whole heart.
I am here!

2011 Connie Savageau
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