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Mastery of My Will

Mastery of My Will takes place when My Soldiers, My People, take their rightful places in Me.
My Kingdom is then put into motion in their lives.
The spoken word becomes very relevant and important.
When you speak out My Words, you become partakers of what I am doing.
You and I are in partnership together in the Spirit.
In Oneness, we perform mighty acts and deeds.
There are no bounds.
There are no limitations in the Kingdom realm with Me.
You hope for good things for your children, but I do them for My Children who call on My Name in faith!
You call on Me in faith and I will listen.
I will come and bring life and victory to you each day.
Time and again you will hear Me say these things to you.
Fear not!
Do not fret about your life!
It is in My Hands!
You can trust Me with it!
I am coming soon and your life with Me shall reflect My Glory and bring you great joy…great joy to both of us!

©2011 Connie Savageau
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