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Dear Ones of Mine

The time has come for you to arise in My Strength and do My Will for this coming age.
When you come like you are doing today I can empower you with My Holy Spirit to perform on My
behalf and use My Name to accomplish all things.
What good is truth if you do not use it, do not have it and do not understand it?
Borrowing things from this world cannot replace one thing that you can do through My Spirit and My Name.
I have made it apparent to you today that My Power is available to you in great measure. Use it!
I will direct you and see that My Fatherís will be done in you.
Trust Me to do this work in you and we will be a mighty force on this earth for My Fatherís Kingdom He
is bringing forth through the Son and His Church.
This is what is said in scripture that we are called to be priests and do the Fatherís will and be about His business. (Ref. Rev. 5:9)
Arise now in Me, His Son, and do as I say.

©2013 Connie Savageau
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