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Countless Times to Praise Me

If you were to count the times you praise Me, you would see that the joy of the Lord was in your heart.
Praise brings you ever closer to Me in perfect union with your God.
Praise tells Me that your heart is full of love for Me and you are turning to Me with thanksgiving and gratitude.
This pleases Me and brings Me more and more into your spirit to make you whole.
When I come, I come with healing in My Wings and love that purifies and restores you.
Take these countless times to praise Me through your day as times of refreshment by Me and also
protection against the evil one’s attacks.
Make Me your refuge each day where you are strengthened and fortified.
You become very strong in Me for I shall never fail you.
Count on My faithfulness to keep you and perfect you.

©2013 Connie Savageau
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